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Manul window operator

Item No.: W2503
Manual window operator opener&closer Low-level flat window opener European window opener American window opener window opener window open
Manual window operator opener&closer Low-level flat window opener European window opener American window opener window opener window open

Model: LM-W2503
Material: zinc alloy
Brand: Aluwindoors
Process: die casting
Type: Hand-twisted hand-cranked American window opener
Product Usage:    
It is usually used in casement windows, casement windows, ceiling windows, skylights, curtain walls, construction, engineering, fire protection, etc. It is easy to open, simple and beautiful.

Color: white, black, other colors can be customized.
Surface treatment: spraying
Factory: Foshan

1. Manual window opener
The purpose of the manual window opener is to open the ventilating window at a higher position through a certain device. According to the principle of the thermal effect of air, the hot air and light harmful gases that should be excluded can only be effectively eliminated through the high-position window.
Manual window openers generally include five points: window opening actuators (such as scissors window opening pieces), corner connectors, operating parts, connecting rods and decorative covers. The window-opening actuator determines the width of the window, the weight of the window opener and whether it has a locking function. The corner connector is a transmission part, and its deformation determines that the window opener adapts to different window types and different safety
The ability to install conditions. The operating part can be in the form of a handle or a rocker. Handle-type operating parts are simple and low in cost. The power output of the rocker-type operating parts is uniform, not easy to damage, and requires high processing accuracy and high cost.
Manual window opener application occasions: mainly suitable for lower hanging inner window and upper hanging outer window. The hanging window needs to be equipped with special opening accessories. From the analysis of the force of the window opener, it is more labor-saving to open the window in the lower suspension with the hinge located below. It is more laborious to open the window by hanging the hinge above the hinge. In particular, it is necessary to use the four-bar linkage carefully, because the four-bar linkage accessories will cause a large settlement of the center of gravity of the window when the window is opened. To a certain extent, the weight of the window opener may not be enough to lift the window to close the window.

According to their style and structure, hand-window openers can be divided into four types: conjoined hand-window openers, chain box-type hand-window openers, lock-type hand-window openers, and American-style window openers. Among them, American-style window shakers can be classified as conjoined manual window openers, while chain box and lock-type manual window openers can also be called split-type manual window openers. But no matter what kind of hand-operated window opener, its power source comes from our manpower. The manual window opener system is a reliable and economical window control system for high windows. They are mainly used in places such as leisure and health care, villas, etc.
2. The conjoined type is suitable for skylights, sloping roof windows, overhead suspension windows and exterior casement windows. If it is installed on a window sill, it can be opened by a hand crank; if it is installed on a skylight or roof window with a window sill, it can be equipped with a small round hole Opened by a hand stick.
3. The split type is suitable for internal inverted windows, top suspended windows, and intermediate suspended windows with a distance of not more than 5 meters from the ground. If the window is more than 5 meters from the ground, it is recommended to use an electric window opener to be more economical.

According to the window load and installation effect, the hand crank of the hand crank windowing system can be divided into: light type handle, standard type handle, mini type handle, hidden type handle, heavy type handle.