Alu Door Lockset

KFC Door lock

Item No.: CB2333
KFC lock named according to it is user from KFC shop door lock, so that called KFC lock
KFC kinds of MICO lock swing open A type special aluminum alloy floor lock glass frame door lock door hook lock sliding door lock

Model: LM-CB2338
Material: zinc alloy
Brand: lamowe
Type: Single point lock body
Opening and closing times: more than 200,000 times
Product use: Engineering curtain wall, swing door, aluminum alloy door, glass door, KFC door, McDonald's door, etc.
Color: The original color of the product, other colors need to be customized.
Surface treatment: electroplating
Factory: Foshan
The lock body is one of the components of the lock. There are many kinds of lock bodies. Common one-way lock bodies, three-way lock bodies and four-way lock bodies are common. Generally used on anti-theft doors, it is responsible for the basic anti-theft work of anti-theft doors. The lock core controls the operation of the lock body. The lock body is responsible for opening and locking the doors and windows, and plays an important role in anti-theft.